Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Suits In Boots

It rained all night, at least that was what it seemed like. By the time my alarm went off, I wasn't in a hurry getting ready to work for two reasons. First, I was enjoying the sleep. It was so cool I didn't need to switch on the air conditioner in Stamford Bridge. Two, it was f*cking raining. I was sure the manager would take that as a reason for turning up late. If they weren't cool with that they could give me a car and a driver.

I knew the road to work would be wet
and muddy as I moved along one bus stop to the next, so I decided to wear slippers to work while my pair of shoes were in my bag. It was just for the shoes not to get wet and damaged. The shoes weren't that expensive to protect them from such treatment, then again they could have been. I needed shoes badly for work because all I had were fly kicks, and I needed to start looking like a professional in suits. The seller said the pair I wanted would cost my ₦8,000, that was pure Italian leather. I looked at him and said, "Guy be serious joor, I'll pay ₦1,500". After our negotiation I ended up paying ₦2,000 + I got socks. I had the belief everything sold at Computer Village, Ikeja was cheap, low quality goods, so I usually price with ridiculous low amounts. Anyway, I didn't want my one and only ₦2,000 shoes to get destroyed.

I got to work in slippers, my feet all covered in mud as well as the bottom of my trousers. I was glad I was proactive in my thinking. As I opened my bag in the office I realised I forgot to put my shoes in my bag. I didn't want to go back home and decided to seek anyone at work who had an extra pair.

I finally found a pair I could wear. I got it from one of the security officers and it was more like a boot than a coperate show. It was so wrong with the rest of my outfit. People kept laughing or looked at me with confusion on their faces. I didn't feel shame and did not have to explain to everybody. If the boots/shoe was comfortable I would have gotten one.

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