Monday, April 16, 2012

Ladies, Welcome To The Friend Zone

Ask any guy the position they wouldn't love to be with a girl they were romantically interested in and you'll probably hear the 'friend zone'. That was the 'I like you but no pussy for you zone'. It sucks really, and I'm not interested in how guys gEt there [for now]. This piece was written to correct the myth it only happened to males. Females also found themselves in such 'friend zone'. They found themselves in that situation as the result of a long term effect of placing a guy in the 'friend zone'. What I mean was after a while, a girl will find herself in the friend zone with a guy she earlier placed in a friend zone. All the guy had to do was stick to that position long enough.

I realized this as I took time out to think about the situation I was in with so many girls around me. Yes, I had them many but a significant percentage of them do not want to date me. So you could say I was placed in the friend zone most of the time. I also realized I got to sex most of them after a year [more or less] of being in the friend zone. Not that we were in any relationship, it just happened. A whole lot of them found it difficult to let me go after that, it became my turn to put them in the friend zone. The question now is what did I do differently for the sudden change to occur?

The truth was most girls were selfish and the friend zone was the best way to eat their cake and have it. A guy in the friend zone was like the bastard child of a male friend and a boyfriend that had no idea where he belonged. The girl expects the guy to treat her like a boyfriend but obey the proxemic rules of a male friend. Sure you can buy her a dress, but you can't sit around to watch her change into it. I realized I was doing such until the great epiphany after a girl that had placed me in the friend zone said she had 'dispadi' me. By that she meant I was no more a close friend. I was the one that made contact after a while only for her to complain about that. I asked her two questions. First, tell me what I had to lose? Second, tell me one thing you've done for me when I was your 'padi'? I had to admit it wasn't just with this babe but so many others. The practically had nothing to offer yet expect things in return. I had to change that. I noticed these girls that placed me on the friend zone never called or visit but every time I did they used that as an opportunity to demand for something. Like they had been expecting my call to foot the bill of something. That also had to change.

I came to the realization I shouldn't fulfill any desire of any girl that placed me in the friend zone. That was the one of the steps to place them in the friend zone. I flipped their expectations. I still respect the proxemic rules of any of their typical male friend but I let them see things I did with other girls. Things I knew they would love to experience.

Since I had no more expectation I was comfortable to tell the girls my experiences. One of such girls visited me once. She was around when a sure babe called me she was coming over for a match fixture. A typical guy in the friend zone would have considered how to politely discharge the babe but not me. I politely told her she had to leave because I had a babe coming over for a match. She was shocked because she never expected me to walk her out because of another babe. That night, the babe I walked out called me to ask how many rounds I did and if I enjoyed it. She began to talk that sex talk until she had a firsthand experience.

Another babe that placed me in the friend zone requested I take her to the cinema. "No problem," I replied. She came over that day all dressed up and I told her the date wouldn't be possible because I was broke. I had to tell her I gave all I had to a chic who was interested in dating me to fix her hair. That statement changed the way we related. She didn't get angry but saw me as 'responsible'.

I noticed when these girls saw the way I treated other girls [except them] they change. I didn't have to do better than their boyfriend, like I said, girls are selfish and that lack of attention gets to them. Especially when I stay close to them but kept looking at another direction [literally and figuratively]

Truth is, I don't give a damn about a girl that once exploited my position when I was placed in the friend zone and they found themselves there. A girl had the balls to say, "Yes I had a boyfriend but I wanted you to prove you really like me". I told her, "Babe, I am not an option". I was placed in the friend zone to be assessed if I would turn out good I become better than their expectation and move on. Now I have a few doing the calling and I'm proud to say "you are my very good friend". If they like, they could use chlorophyll to rub their pussy I don't give a damn. Ladies, welcome to the friend zone.