Thursday, April 19, 2012

That, I Will Never Do

One thing about me, and it isn't a secret, was I end up writing about my past relationships. Especially the ones that turned sour, or worse, left a bitter taste. From [Any] or Nothing, Tito, Bitch You Are Selfish, Last Nigeria Virgin (Green Rose and Red Rose), The-D-Project (part 1 to 13)... I find it therapeutic to put in words the way I felt about a particular chic and it actually helps moving on better.
You might have another way of getting over a breakup or a crush, but one thing I've noticed was the way we chose to move on usually involved putting ourselves first or being selfish in our actions. If you haven't felt that way then you haven't been hit that bad. Where you could sing on top of your lungs, "When you see my face hope it gives you hell" and "f*ck what I said it didn't mean jack...f*ck you, you hoe I don't want you back".

When you genuinely love someone (or something like it), and they want to end the relationship or betrayed your trust, moving ahead was really hard. You couldn't flip like a switch, hug, and say "goodbye". Some cry, curse, or simply go for a payback.

I remember when I wrote (Any) or Nothing, (Any) saw it as my payback for her breaking my heart. Maybe, after all I included how she sucked at giving blow job. *Did I include that?* anyway, some people flirt/f*ck the person's sister/brother/bestfriend/enemy as payback... I'm sure you'll have stories on of those escapades. The goal was simple: one hurt the person as much as possible.

Nowadays grieving a past relationship had gone digital (camera). During the good times in a relationship there was tendency to snap nude x-rated pics and clips meant only for the one you loved. What happens to those materials after the break-up? People, especially guys, decide to go commercial with these materials and make it viral. The ex-girlfriend's naked pics end up on profile pictures and pictures gallery of people that do not even know the babe. The babe's pics end up on some blog for people to comment below while someone somewhere would claim to know her.

Some people that act/pretend conservative put the blame on the babe. "Why would she take/permit a nude pix be taken?" They would ask, ironically, as they keep their eyes intently fixed on the picture/video while they continue to criticise. I understand situations that could lead to snapping/storing nude pics. I personally have a gallery of girls I've been affiliated with. Some where taken with their consent, others were me being tricky. I have enough materials to end the career of some babes, enough to make a lot not run for public office. I don't know why I still kept them but I know I would never leak them.
It was a sign as much as I didn't like the babe anymore I did not hate her.

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