Friday, April 27, 2012

Seriously, Who Voted for Goodluck? (pt. 4, 19 Headline Screen grabs of Jonathan Condemning)

 Jonathan is a passive leader, I know that isn't new. He had a single approach to all situations which was to condemn it. He probably condemned his way into Aso Rock. I know without a doubt if Jonathan had a response to this post, headlines would read "JONATHAN CONDEMNS HE ONLY CONDEMN".

These are 19 screen grabs of online publications of Jonathan condemning, the last one is one I would love to see

1. Before the election in 2011, Jonathan condemned the killing of ANPP gubernatorial candidate. January 29th 2011.

 2. Jonathan also condemned military coup in Mali, it was way easier to do than suggest a solution. Thursday 22nd of March, 2012

3. Jonathan condemned the sad incident at Thisday Newspaper's office in Abuja. That was his reaction to Boko Haram attacking the press.

4. Jonathan condemned 'pull him down' politics. Those were his words, I have no idea what that meant.

5. In 2010, Jonathan condemned involvement of traditional rulers in communal crises. 

 6. Jonathan condemned 'incessant workers' strikes' in March 2011. Later that year ASUU begun close to 2 months strike. I guess no one listened to him.

 7. When a US pastor, Terry Jones planned to burn the Holy Quran to mark the anniversary of September 11 in 2010, Jonathan contributed his quota by condemning it.

8. A bomb exploded at a PDP rally on 4th of March, 2011 in Suleja, Niger state. Jonathan was so furious all he did was to condemn it.

9. What can I say? Jonathan condemned the attack on the UN House in Abuja, Obama and Ban Ki-Moon had to do the same. That was the 'condemning influence' Jonathan had on world leaders.

10. After Jonathan signed the 3rd Alteration Bill, 2010, he had to condemn the reason he did it.

11. A British along with an Italian got killed by their captors in Sokoto and Jonathan took his most proactive action, he condemned it.

12. Loss of hundreds of innocent lives in Benue, Jonathan took his right step, CONDEMN IT.
13. Blasts at Madalla, Jos, and Damaturu in December 2011 and Jonathan took the shortest action that wouldn't disrupt his Christmas/New year celebration.

14. Bloodbath = Jonathan = Condemn

15. Jonathan also condemned the coup in Guinea-Bissau, as if he had another option.

16. should know by now condemned the attack on a catholic church.

17. The Nation carried the news about the Catholic church bomb blast and had to use the same word, 'condemn'.

18. This came up as a search result.

19. This is one condemnation I would love to hear from Jonathan.

The fact is these deaths are serious issues and need to be dealt with by proactive actions and NOT condemnation only. The government see the number of people who lose their lives as mere statistics and measure the seriousness of each bomb blast by the number and cost of each causalities. They don't take into consideration the purpose and responsibilities of the individual. A death could be that of a bread winner, father,friend, child, wife, brother, sister, and most important of all, the future of Nigeria.

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