Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Regular Lie

I hate lies, sure almost everybody especially when it’s unnecessary. I particularly hate it when girls lie. One of my guys made an interesting distinction; a girl that lies (constantly) sleeps around. Call it an hypothesis or theory; I have enough evidence from experience not to doubt it. A quick break before I continue. Ever question why people lie, I have, didn’t have to think deep when I applied one humanistic theory by Carl Rogers. Brief introduction, there a school of thought that suggests humans are naturally good and all those positive attributes. Also in every human there is the ‘real self’ and ‘ideal self’. You see, the real self is who you are while the ideal self is who you want to be or think you are. Most times there’s incongruity and what I mean is your real self is not consistent with your ideal self. Imagine Clark Kent and Superman, they are the same person. Now imagine if Clark didn’t have any super power but believed he was Superman, Clark being the real self while Superman being the ideal self. That would be terrible for him especially if he was out to prove to people around him that he was special, making him to do things out of the ordinary. Those good at relating will get what I’m driving at. I believe people lie to keep their real self in congruence with their ideal self. Why would a guy lie to a girl that he got a condo, Rover, and a 10 inch rod? To get to her pants wouldn’t be a wrong answer but that is an end in itself. The fact is the guy must have perceived those stuffs as part of his ideal worth. Now back to my first line; I hate lies, sure everybody especially when it’s unnecessary. Have in mind what I wrote about why people lie and tried to explain why would a friend lie to you especially on issues that have nothing to do with betrayal. Imagine a friend whom you supposedly know well or even live with lie to you that he/she got just a car (and not for laughs). I mean, the lie can’t play out ‘cause… it’s stupid.
Back to the top I hate girls that lie because I also believe they sleep around (that’s for another day). The worse part about lying to me is I’ve got this look that would make an ordinary person believe I ain’t paying attention so you keep talking until you commit too much to the lie because you want my attention and to convince me. Now, what prompted me to write this was a girl I knew back in school. She was one of those who wanted flashing lights around her and she played the game. Obviously she was always out to impress and bragged ‘bout every accomplishment. Shit! She would make seeing a male celebrity drive pass her a life time gist, obviously giving you an abridged version. It would go like “I was walking into the Supermarket after a guy dropped me in his e-class, as in, Mercedes E-Class. He was still asking me for my number when I noticed a red car approaching, the face looked familiar and I thought it was one guy that bought me champagne in the club the other night. The car began to slow down and the guy couldn’t get his eyes off me and wanted to park, that was when I realized who he really was. I shunned the two guys and went ahead with my shopping because I sensed the two guys might start attacking themselves because of me”. The thing is you never get to know if she was lying because all there were no witnesses.
A party was coming up, it was big, the kind of event that the cost of the VIP could get you a car. My friend bragged to five of us then. Where she was staying was two rooms away from where I was residing so she had lots of audience then. Anyway, she bored us with how a couple of ‘big boys’ wanted to have her as a date to that event, VIP of course. She got back late that night and we knew we would hear another adventure the next day. The following morning she began with her cat phrase, “You missed out”. She talked about how she partied with celebrities and top government officials in the VIP section and how they offered to pay for everything she wanted. The treatment, glamour, everything. It was some talk that a person with a low self-esteem would envy. I needed something and had to go her room to get it while she was entertaining our friends. I got to her room and couldn’t help to notice that her bag was opened and my eyes caught something. It was part of the ticket tag for the event she was talking about. It had a seven-letter word in silver-coloured lettering with a red background. It was R-E-G-U-L-A-R. I smiled when I saw that, it hit me at once. I dug deeper in her bag and saw a receipt from an ATM, the amount on it was slightly more than the cost of a regular ticket for that event. Curiosity led me to check the time of redraw, I laughed harder, it was late in the night, definitely for the event. My conclusion, she paid for her ticket and a lot more. Her phone beeped and I picked it up from her bed, I saw ‘Reply Message Delivered’. I read the message she replied to, it was from the guy she told us she went to the party with. It read, “next time bring your vex money”. For those who don’t know ‘vex money’ was the money a girl takes to a date, in case the guy she went out with decided to act funny, she could easily use it to get herself home. I also read the reply she sent, let us just say “f@&k y*(@^ m@m@”. I got back to my room dumbfounded while she kept ranting. I got there in time to hear her say “I had the time of my life.” At that point at felt sorry for her, lying to people that didn’t care to judge her and even saw her as one of the boys. I decided to keep quiet. The fact is if you aren’t the type of person gunning to bring people down even when they lie to you and you find out, what are you going to do with that information? You can only help to make them a better person by bringing them closer to their ideal self and go for the ride. So I believe you, you got there in grand style, partied in the VIP section, and most especially I believe you “had the time of [your] life.”

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