Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Promote National Unity...Date a Fulani

The gist is I am currently dating a Fulani chic. After dating a sample representation of the ethnic groups in Nigeria, I have found myself calling a fulani chic "girlfriend".

I have dated Beautiful girls but this one without makeup goes straight to the top. Plus I find the fact that she covers herself up with their long scarfs, revealing only her face, attractive.

When I'm walking with her I get the sense of being in a relationship and not just dating. She broke the rule of the kind of girl I would have loved to date.

Don't get it twisted, I am not saying she is the stars, moon, and everything in the galaxy, but she brightens my day and I am satisfied with that.

I am not saying we would get married and have lots of babies...infact she doesn't make me think too much about the future, just the 'now'. The feeling I have that way we share could end any minute makes me enjoy every second.

Her sister is hilarious and we could spend hours dissing ourselves for the fun of it. This girl was in JS 3, yet she had wicked punchlines. I can't believe she made me say "her existence was the reason to argue legalising abortion". Damn! We laughed though.

This family was making me learn a lot about how diversified Nigerians were and the social boundary we created in our minds. My suggestion at this level was, promote national unity by dating a Fulani.


  1. I coulda sworn i commented on this already. damn technology. anywho, sounds like you're in a good place. *thumbs up*

    1. Yea...not exactly, maybe, who knows? Just going with the flow?