Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jesus Christ Makeover: The Many Hairstyles of Jesus

One difference I noticed at an early age between Christians and the Muslims was in the representation of the Prophets. The Islamic culture does not permit the replica [in any form] the image of the prophets. Ever watched movies of any of the Prophets in the Holy Quran? The prophet would be represented from a first person view. You never get to see any actor play the role instead the camera represented the eyes, what he was looking at at that time. That was why the animation 'The Prince of Egypt' was banned in Islamic countries because Moses, a Prophet, could be seen and they weren't cool with that.

Christians on the other hand don't care about that. They were cool with the images of Prophets especially Jesus. He was the handsome guy in a robe with facial hair. Lately, I noticed he had been undergoing hairstyles makeover in Jehovah Witness 'The Watchtower'. I've been a fan of materials published by Jehovah Witness because of the artistic talent behind their drawings. Remember 'My Book of Bible Stories'...I loved the art.

Anyway, like I said, I noticed his hairstyles had been changing to fit today's world. I recently saw one which looked like a Justin Bieber hairstyle during his 'Never Say Never' days. I only hope that one day it won't be a mohawk.

I've decided so share few pictures credited to the Jehovah Witness of the images of Jesus Christ...


  1. Sigh. Ade!!
    Err, was it not the Prophet that came to Malcolm X in a dream in the movie?

    1. ....And you believe the hairstyle was also described.