Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gosh! You Can't Be This Stupid

Intelligence is one trait with no hiding place, especially tacit intelligence where an individual could apply experiences to solve future tasks. This post isn't that serious though, it was about a boy's stupidity that exceeded my expectations.

So a guy was about to sell his Blackberry he had used for quite a while. The main factor he had to consider before he passed it on was how to copy the phone contacts to his new phone. He had close to 500 phone numbers which exceeded the capacity the SIM card could allow. He could back up digitally but he decided to go manual and write out the numbers on paper. He was ignorant but get ready for stupid. The boy he gave to write out the numbers on paper took the award.

He told the boy, "please write down the phone numbers, format the phone and give it to [the buyer]". By the time the guy returned the boy handed over where he wrote the numbers, it covered three pages in a diary in three columns. The boy wrote down each number without the contact's, how was he supposed to identify his contacts. It looked like a pool of numbers for a source code or something.

I couldn't help but ask what was going through his mind as he wasted his time writing the numbers without the name. He had also formatted the phone and there was no way of retrieving the numbers.
Whenever I was involved in a task I ask myself "what is the use of this?" If the guy had asked himself he would have known he wasn't doing what was intended.

Anyway, damn...this boy stupid.


  1. Incredibly stupid of both the writer as well as the writee. Lol@source code...

  2. hahaaaa!!!!I cant stop laughing!!!