Saturday, June 2, 2012

From Yankee With Love

A relative based in America decided to be a bit generous. She was importing a car into Nigeria, a bus, and decided to fill every space available with gift items. I never expected anything from her, I don't even know what she looked like but she was considerate enough to remember me.

By the time I saw the stuffs she sent I felt INSULTED. It was as if she believed she was sending stuffs back in time, like Nigeria was that backward. One of the items was a TV manufactured in August 1983. Like seriously, I should dispose of my TV for one with knobs and antennae.

She also sent T-shirts. And I'm referring to promo shirts, those one you get for free. Like a shirt with a caption "Know Your HIV Status", imagine 30 of the same type and colour. It was only cartoon characters I knew will wear the same shirt everyday, and I ain't one.

She also sent a mattress. Why should anyone import a used mattress to Nigeria? This woman insult was getting too much.

She also sent a disc man, I can't remember the last time I saw one of those. There was also a cassette player. Why? Why did Nigeria Customs allow these junk to pass through.

And she also sent a bag of rice. How sweet. I have enough materials to have an antique road show.


  1. My suggestion is to send it on to the village :)

    1. That would also make me myopic as the woman. Peeps in villages now communicate with iphones and watch LCD TV.

      I will have to chill for a time machine to be built, travel to the past, and sell it. That was the only way they would worth something.

  2. lol.. Sorry, I just had to laugh out loud.. You sure this package wasnt delayed by some 30 years? The shipping and postal companies can be funny you know :-)

    1. That would have been better. This woman seriously believed Nigeria was stuck in the '80s.