Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Thank You, Ma

I attended a wedding, had to be my 2nd. Fact is, I am not a fan of the whole ceremony. I mean, the preparation takes more effort than the actual event. Whenever I was at such events I usually create excitement...for me. I had no idea if weddings were the best place to pick up girls but I was going to find out.

There was this chic I was attracted to. The fact that I was attracted to her showed she had it all. I told one of my guys and he said she was related to the groom. I approached the younger brother of the groom who said otherwise. I told him, "since this is your brother's wedding you should be able to get any girl here, get me the girl's number". That was the arrangement.

The guy was stopped by one of the Madams at the wedding and told her what he was about to do. He pointed at the table and the Madam said she was going to handle it. The brother returned to my table and told me what happened, that the Madam requested I come to her table.

I sat next to the Madam and she told me the job was complete, and alI had to do was walk over to the table and ask her for the number. That should be pretty easy. She pointed at the girl who replied with a smile, but there was one problem. Although it was the same table it wasn't the same girl I was attracted to. This one was much older...like a Junior Madam. She kept looking at me, expecting me to walk over. I called over the groom's brother and made them realise she spoke to the wrong girl. Apparently it was the Madam's mistake.

Now I'm stuck in a wedding with a junior Madam eyes on me, expecting me to come over. I couldn't walk alone from there on. It wasn't my style to have a sugar mummy. The Madam should have realised the Junior Madam was older than I was, actually she said it did not matter that she would take care of me. Then again, what should I expect. The Madam herself designed herself with tattoos like she was in her early 20s, she probably had her own toy boy and was comfortable with the arrangement. That was when I noticed a lot of madams at this events had tattoos and most of them was below their necks as well. It could be a trend or a...iono.

Anyway, at the end of the party the Madam asked again if I talked to the junior madam, "No thank you, Ma".


  1. LMAO.. You had me@"No thank you, Ma".

    Very funny article without your trying to be funny. So what happened to junior madam?

    1. I wasn't that curious to find our. Couldn't risk a Junior Madam sucking my blood.