Friday, June 8, 2012

Her Phone & Missed Calls

So I'm in a relationship with a very beautiful chic. I know this and people around me do confess...including their interest in having sex with her. One of my neighbours questioned me, he was out to prove I had no strong feelings towards her. He wanted me to introduce them so after I was 'done' he would have his turn. He kept asking, "Are you sure?" "Do you think something would come out of the relationship?" I was like, guy we haven't survived a month so I do not know. But what I do know was I really really like her. Then he asked if she was good in bed, trust me, I was good at changing the topic.

I know this girl was a hot cake and men had been to her place to pay visits. When I say 'men' I meant highly ranked military men, from Navy to Air Force. I mean, she was Fulani so it was normal to have such people on her contact list. The question I avoided answering was how much of her past I wanted to know.

My past relationships made me less interested in the past. I believed if the babe doesn't tell you it might be for your own good. She did tell me about few guys in my area that had approached her. One of them I knew well penned a love letter. I heard so many ways these guys attempted to make her their girlfriend...and failed. It made me uncomfortable because I wooed her by stopping her on the road, in the presence of her sister and said, "I want you to be my girlfriend". In my head I had so many lines I wanted to say but they were not needed as her response was "ok". That was it. Maybe it came too easy, I can't say. Maybe she had noticed me in the area and felt I was her type and I had the balls to approach her. Fact is I didn't apply much effort as they did.

So...the thing is, as I am typing this her phone was with me. She left her phone at my place to charge over the night and it had been buzzing since. Over 20 missed calls with texts messages. It was as if it was a customer care line. What do these people want, most of them had no name. It only raised my curiousity to either pick her calls or... I have a choice to go through the phone-messages, pictures, and stuffs, which I believe will make me know certain things about her but...iono, I don't know if I want to now. She left her phone knowing that was a possibility and obviously wasn't bothered, so why should I?

I did notice she stored some phone numbers with digits but mine was my name. Maybe that was a good sign, that I was more than 1 of those guys interested in her. I was 'Ade' her boyfriend. I've decided to switch off the phone and wait for smile because that was the easiest to do with her around.


  1. Soo.. After a long time... This post has made me smile... your back in my good graces ;-)

    anyway, I think you did an awesome thing. Besides, what is done in the dark always comes to the light. I'm glad u respected her privacy.. an likewise she will respect yours.. best wishes in the relationship..

    1. Yea, i'll just have to wait to find out.

  2. You did the right thing bro. No need invading her privacy let it be. What matters is she chose you. Maybe when she gets back you can have a civil discussion

  3. I am impressed Ade. If both of you are interested in the relationship, you'll sort yourselves out.

  4. I'm getting bored already....will keep you posted.