Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Make A Girl Cheat On Her Boyfriend : Part 2

In part one (which you can read by clicking on ---> ) I talked about making the girl know it was only about sex and no intent to end her relationship. That approach made the girl less defensive when talking about her relationship, and more likely to cheat.

A second approach that made it easier for a girl to cheat was to...

2) Keep It Coded

The result of a research showed people would most likely commit a crime when there was no possibility of getting caught. The same goes for cheating - girls were likely to cheat as long as they won't get caught. What convinced me was the most likely place I got laid - 'Stamford Bridge'. During my student days in the University of Lagos, I hardly brought girls home from school for matches because of the distance. By girls I'm referring to fellow students that resided on campus. My place wasn't far, but when you want to f*ck a 30 to 40 minutes trip could seem like hours. I preferred to invite the girl over to any of my friend's place that was close to school. I believed it was better because it would be easier for her to come over and less stressful. She would most likely honour the invitation but... I hardly f*cked. I felt the girl probably didn't feel me until I realised the same chic that won't f*ck me in my friend's place which was close to school would gladly f*ck my brains out in my place far from school.

I learnt a lesson from that scenario: when it comes to sex no place was too far to get it, especially for girls. While a guy could spend any amount to f*ck a girl, the female could travel any distance for the same act.

So if distance wasn't an issue there had to be a reason she wasn't giving any close to school. The answer was pretty close - it was close to school.

F*cking a girl close to school had consequences. There was a high probability she could be seen, or stumble upon someone that knew her. Probably a course mate, another male admirer, boyfriend, boyfriend's friend, or a family member that wanted to give her a surprise visit...or was just passing by. So the farther she was from the vicinity with a high probability to be recognised and caught f*cking (Red Zone), the higher the chances of f*cking. I had to take her to the Green Zone; which had the highest chance she would f*ck me with the lowest probability of being recognised by anyone.

I applied that logic to girls in relationships. I had to take her to the green zone which was the safest distance from her boyfriend. I remember back in NYSC camp, girls that were supposed to be in committed relationship back in their respective homes f*cked like there was no tomorrow. A particular girl that misused and abused sex with a fellow corps member for 2 days after orientation camp in Adamawa was not bothered even when her boyfriend called. Her boyfriend was in Lagos and they were over 20 hours away by road. The guy she messed around with would return to the eastern part of Nigeria & there was a large probability not seeing again.

But I can't always travel with a chic all because I want to f*ck. I had to create the green zone perception. There are two questions girls ask about location that determined if my place was a green zone and would getting any;

1) Where do you stay?

2) Who do you live with?

If a girl want to cheat on her boyfriend with me, I knew the answers I give must suggest privacy. Fortunately, I live in a coded area. A line I've used a few times was, "feel free to scream, no one will hear you". That makes them feel comfortable...wonder why?

Another important factor in keeping it coded was shutting up. I learnt the hard way girls were interested in how you f*ck but not who you f*ck. Sure, they asked to know if there were an acquaintance to anyone I've bedded but the truth was they don't want to know. It was one of their trick questions. It was best to deny, even when a chic she was certain I had sex with was mentioned.
She said, "Stop lying, she told me you guys had sex". I replied, "She said that? She obviously didn't want to make it appear I wasn't man enough to have her...That we were so close and I didn't even see underneath her clothes. I'm sure she hoped to cover my shame".

It wasn't a situation of "a gentleman doesn't tell" but whatever I said about chics I've fucked implied I would say the same about her.

A girl that was contemplating to cheat needed that feeling...of being in a green zone and discretion from my part. Those two were required to keep it coded.

The next approach on how to make her cheat on her boyfriend is closely related to the previous one...

3) Don't tell friends

I used to make that mistake, providing step by step updates about a girl to close friends like I was a commentator. I realised majority of the girls I told my friends about won't date me. There were two reasons, one, most of 'em were talented in giving bad advice. Two, most of them will want to f*ck her and make the whole sh!t complicated.
If I want a girl to cheat...nobody knows. The bitter truth was cheating is exciting. Once I tell friends they also want to f*ck her & claim I was not committed enough with the girl to stop them.

Some guys might feel their friends will not woo the girl they were dropping serious lyrics on, and they tell them. I know information changes people & once a friend knows the girl will sense it. A slight change in his behaviour would be noticed.

Girls have this sensor...if I had fucked a girl and I tell a friend, she would know. He doesn't even have to utter a word because a single look was enough to alert her it was no longer a covert mission. The CIA in her DNA goes off- we have been compromised, abort mission - and that was the end.

What was even the point of telling a friend when I expect him not to act on it.


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