Friday, November 23, 2012

Who [doesn't] Want To Be A Millionaire

We live in dangerous financial times. A period where you could work for 30 days in a month for a salary that would last only 2 days. So tell me, who doesn't want to become a millionaire? I usually hang out with friends and talk about how to make that wealth. One of those days, a friend received a text message from MTN. It was an invitation to be an audience member for WWTBAM, but he had no idea what that meant. I told him "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire". We were all excited, after all, 20 audience member get a chance to win ₦20,000 each. Whenever I watched the TV show the audience got asked very easy questions and I was certain my friend would win. The text invited him to the recording at the Lekki studio on Saturday, with was 3 days away.

We planned how to spend the money- OUR money, like I said, dangerous financial times. We talked about relaxation techniques and finger exercises all to prep him. The audience questions were always easy and winning depended on 20 fastest fingers to press the answer in the right sequence. Saturday morning, he left home very early to arrive at the studio few minutes past seven.

To his surprise, he wasn't among the first 20 people to arrive. There were people there that reserved seats for family members still at home. The taping didn't start till past 10. By then the waiting area was crowded and got confused if everyone got the text. Probably it another MTN error. He asked around to know how many people got the text but no one did. It felt like he was the only one who received the text and that made him comfortable. Probably he would be made a priority.

Frank Edoho, the presenter, drove in his Range Rover. Minutes later the taping was about to start. The organisers wanted everyone to paticipate and seperated the crowd into 3 groups. Three episodes would be recorded that day and each group would make up each episode. He made the first group.
The security were not concerned about who received a text or not. The security check was to spot familiar faces they kept coming only to win ₦20,000 audience play prize money. It's not surprising people actually come every week to win ₦20,000.

The guy that sat by his side was one of 'em that made it there every week. While the show was going on, he kept saying "make them do finish, make I win ₦20,000"...he was certain he would win.

That time finally came for audience play...the question was asked. The seat numbers of the 20 successful audience members were called. My guy no get am o. The seat number of the impatient guy by his side was called. That was his 3rd time of winning.

Although my friend didn't win a dime, we were all going to match to the next taping. At least, the more we were the highter the probabilty someone would win..


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