Friday, January 21, 2011

You can always COUNT on You.

After the leading Nigerian political party primaries in 2011, a winner emerged with close to 4000 votes, the second had little over 700 votes from delegates while the last candidate, Sarah Jibril, had 1 vote, hers. The unfortunate part was she supposedly joined the party due to similar political ideologies. For the same individual to have no vote from others only showed she was playing with the wrong team. Then again, are we ever playing for the right team that would do unto us what we could do for them.

But that is life, you can always/mostly/only count on you. Like a lizard that falls and nods 'well done', we can only represent ourselves, salute our achievements, and be motivated by our failures. How many people do you know that can give you half of what he/she had if you lose all you have? A 'chairman' in my area thought he had the support of his 'boys' until he got broke and became a boy to one of his boys who was now a chairman. Some live life carelessly with the belief someone was watching their back.

I have always known this- that everyman is for himself and like I said, you can always count on you. Sure you can welcome support, but count on you to do the work. Even your family members can desert you when you are down. A friend once told me the dad said "don't expect any inheritance from me". Not everyone enjoys the benefit of hearing that firsthand. I'll suggest you watch the movie 'Million Dollar Baby' where despite the lead character being in her sick bed, her family declared their interest in her wealth and gave little regard to her health. Maybe selfish but they were only looking out for themselves, counting on themselves.

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  1. i totally agree with u.. u can only fully depend on urself. loving this blog btw.. good job :)