Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thief Na Thief

I hate stealing. Everything about that act disgusts me. I prefer someone to be regarded as dirty than a thief. I'll not deceive myself and claim I've never stolen in my life but that was when I was younger. When my Id was much stronger and my conscience was not fully developed. It won't be correct to say my conscience now prevents me from stealing. Now, it's about personal principles. Stealing is like an oil stain on my white shirt, that would make me uncomfortable. But why do people steal?

There are a myriad reasons people steal. A lot of people are likely to state casual effects that are usually out of a person's control. Such reasons include poor family background/training and negative peer relations but I don't believe in such. Everyman should be held accountable for his/her actions. Nobody should be blamed or labelled responsible for another man's action. If you steal then it was because you wanted to and this reason holds true regardless of social status/class. There are many ways an individual can achieve a goal or fulfil a need, some settle for the hard work route while others settle for the easy way out which includes stealing. This is because stealing is not an end in itself but a means to an end [a way of achieving your goal]. A quick illustration, you want a car because you want to increase your status. You can either work to raise the money or steal it. Stealing won't give you gratification [you might actually feel bad] but the car would make you fulfilled [You don't feel bad with what you get from stealing but how you got it]. But I'll have to be honest, some have psychological disorders resulting to a compulsive act to steal. These are the kleptomaniacs, not my problem

The annoying part to me is when a suspect denies stealing. It's even more annoying when the person wasn't just a suspect but the culprit as well. An event occurred January 2011, I was with someone who recently returned to Nigeria after years in the UK. She was sharing a room with one other friend who was based in Nigeria. On a Sunday, less than a week after her arrival, she decided to rearrange the wardrobes she shared with the other girl. The other girl was not around [she went to church] so she had to do it all by herself while I stayed in the background gisting. As she was moving the other girl's stuff from one wardrobe to another she saw two panty liners tucked beneath the girl's underwears. Wouldn't have been a big deal but they weren't for her friend, they were hers. Wouldn't have been shocking but she had always locked where she kept her stuffs since the day she arrived from the UK. The question was now 'when/how did she do it?'. I defended her friend saying 'are you suggesting we don't have panty liners in Nigeria?' But when she brought out the pack her friend 'took' it from I had to keep shut, it was a UK product and her friend obviously 'helped' herself with some. But why steal instead of ask from a friend that bought you clothes from the UK, I mean, two panty liners? The biggest shock was when her friend got back from church and was confronted. She swore on her daughters life that she didn't steal anything and they couldn't have been beneath her underwears.[yea, she had a daughter]. Why swear on an innocent girl's life on top what you use to...(I mean 2 panty liners)? By the way an HD camera also went missing in that room that day. Please comment on who you think the suspect was? Another 'thief' issue was a family member that stayed over at my place and in less than an hour I left him in my room, he found and stole 8k. The difficult thing about issues like this is it would turn to a huge family issue if pursued and no one wants such issue...except me, you can call me Stewie cause I'm no Family Guy.

The truth is I don't want to trash people on my blog or use it as a safety vavle to vent but if things continue like this I will start dropping names with facts.

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