Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who knows Ella?

A male friend was the first person to tell me about a girl called Ella. He told me she was found dead after leaving home to catch  with her boyfriend. She was a student of University of Lagos. He had one of her pictures on his phone and I had to exclaim "What a waste?" Cause facially her head dey there. He told me he got the picture from a friend who knew her. Also, one of our mutual friend I'll  Alex knew her. It was a shock though, but it wasn't new nor news students dying. During my finals one died from the Economics department. It was quite sad BUT students had finals to write. So I went home thinking that would be the last I would hear about Ella but I was soooo wrong. I met another friend in my area who told me about a girl that died. I was like, "Let me guess her name, Ella" and I was right. She told me she was her friend back in school. She showed me one of her pictures and it was the same one my friend had showed me (it felt like a recycled image). I added Alex knew the girl as well and she responded she was the one that told him about the girl.

Hours later I was another friend who arrived the country recently and he told me how dangerous Nigeria was and made an example with a girl called Ella. I was shocked cause I could not say who told him. To make it more confusing for me he said it was a personal friend of hers that told him. Bear in mind the news of the girl's death was bearly 24 hours so I guessed she had to be a celebrity in UNILAG, but first I needed to find who knew Ella.

I understood what gave her post humous fame was her speculated cause of death. 'A friend' of hers said her boyfriend used her for blood money and was now behind bars. Another 'friend' said her boyfriend drugged her because he wanted to sleep with her and she overdosed and died. One said she went to the same school with her and her full name was ELLACHUKWU while another said ANTOINELLA. I also heard she was a worker in the Rock Foundation Fellowship. Another said she was a 300 level student studying Marine Science, Linda Ikeji on her blog said she was in 200 level and 17+ years old. With all the misinformation I heard it became difficult for me to find her on Facebook. But, I did find a group page dedicated to her although I couldn't find her on their friend's list.

I don't know who Ella is, I don't even kmow if that was her real name and was buried at Atan cementry two days after her demise. What I do know is whoever she was sho would be missed by those who loved her and those who knew her. With their love they have made a whole lot of people share their loss. Either good or bad or nothing at all, you have known Ella.

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