Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Someone's Daughter... My Daughter

One of my fears in life was having a daughter. The origin of this fear lies in the way guys around me have treated girls, also with way I have acted towards girls. However, much of the credit would have to go to the girls themselves. I've met girls that after interacting with them my thought goes 'is there any dumber specie?'. They play their cards with the notion that they know what guys got up their sleeves and in the end, Royal Flush. That's when the update their Facebook status with anything nasty about guys [but what was the point of saying shit stinks?].

I had always placed the opposite sex highly but it became difficult as a teen [the period they get nasty]. It felt like I was placing their p... on a pedestal. The trick was now to become creative to get their attention and fortunately creativity is closely related to being romantic. In other words, we creative guys were the romantic ones. Anyway, guys are forced to keep reinventing creative formats to get girls. There was a time 'apple of my eye, sugar in my tea' did the trick' but now it's more of self packaging. Girls are not interested if they are the apple of your eye as long as you look good by their side. Truth is even my opinion is debatable. But what have I seen or done that made me hope not to have a daughter?

I saw this girl with a friend at a party. I had heard about her from the same friend and her ways [which obviously was not pure]. She was fond of running away from home only to end up in a guy's bed. It wouldn't have been a big deal [leaving home] but she was barely 18, beautiful, and gave little regard for herself. It would have been easy for any guy to 'Ella her' [Read 'Who Knows Ella?']. Anyway, back to the party, she was bloody wasted that she passed out. Staying true to what I had heard about her, in less than fifteen minutes later she was back on her feet. I saw her staggering with a bottle of wine in her hand. She was holding the bottle proudly like a wrestler that just won a 2-hour Royal Rumble. You could see guys in the background waiting for the perfect opportunity to have their way with her. The last time I saw her that day [before day break] was her lying flat on a guy's bonnet with her limbs spread across the continents. I had no remorse but what if she was my daughter? There were times I felt like taking matters into my hands and slapping the sense into girls but that would be described as going too far. My defence would be 'it takes a community to raise a child, especially girls'. One of those instances was with one of my guys. He was talking with a girl he knew- she was short, dark, fat, and...[you guessed right] UGLY. She kept pacing in front of my friend saying, "I'm hungry, I need to make some pu$@¥ money". If I had slapped her I had no doubt her parents would take any action against me.

Like I said earlier the notion girls have about knowing what guys want or after has no relationship with stopping it. Sure you know the aim but you never know how a guy intend to get there. To be honest I don't think I can teach 'my daughter' all the skills required to be one step ahead of guys [especially a guy like me]. These skills were ever evolving and I know there would be a time my knowledge might be obsolete and I wouldn't want 'her' to shed a tear for a guy. True I have met girls that made me see the wonderful side of having daughters. They are few but isn't that what makes anything precious- the scarcity. They include the Shirleyannes and the Ogos. Maybe I'll leave it up to faith and in the future if you ever see a girl walking down the streets in a cage with a caption saying 'Guys Beware' just know that is my daughter.


  1. I got a very interesting response sent to my box and I decided to share it with everyone. She also happen to be one of the worthy daughters I know. "all am saying is that the dad has a very important part to play in determining who his girls turn out to be. Am who i am today, becos my dad made us understand at a very tender age that we had the power over our life and that with all the training he had given us we were to blame if our life turned out sour. So maybe if u invest wisdom in ur girls at a tender age, u dont have to pay them unexpected visits when they get into the university"