Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to Graduation

Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh
Mr, by-his-self-he-so-impressed
I mean damn, did you even see the test
You got D’s mother…, D’s…
And yes, barely passed any and every class
Looking at every ass
Cheated on every test
I guess this is my dissertation
Homie, this shit is basic Welcome to Graduation

I’m not one to fuss over anything, birthdays wasn’t different from any other day so why make a fuss over convocation. So I have a degree, my friend that barely attended classes has got one, the lawyer within the low pay grade has one too, so also the banker and oil worker- spending money they didn’t earn and earning money can’t spend respectively. That shit is basic. But I did learn from school and did meet people. I know a few “that finished school and started their own business, [I was like] oh! You graduated, the reply was, No I decided I was finished”. That shit is also basic, not everyone graduates. They end up either being Bill Gates or the Gate-man.
No doubt university was fun especially if you were a student in the University of Lagos, where you meet the Jennifers and the Hot Hot Lawals. I had fun, did all there was to do [for your sake] so I wouldn’t need to drive in there years to come to pick up your daughters in my machine. And everyone should have this experience, let your most vibrant youthful years be spent in a stimulating environment with limitless temptation to learn how to be matured and build character.
The truth is you don’t need a degree to be educated, “You graduate when you make it out of the streets, from the moments of pain, look at how far [you came], haters saying [you’ve] changed, Now you’re doing your thing”. That is basic. I will not deceive anybody a degree makes anyone special but it does reduce the probability of not making it out of the streets. So if you do see any picture of me in convocation gown remember I wasn't celebrating a 3.51 C.G.P.A, I was celebrating graduating out of the streets. What else can I say… this shit is basic.

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