Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm on My Way

If I’m to describe myself one of the qualities I’ll attribute to me is patience. Some see it as a virtue but I consider it a weapon. It’s easier for man to wait for something they are not expecting anytime soon (like the second coming), what tests our patience is what quite frankly wouldn’t take that long. Say you want to but credit and the seller is few seconds slow you are likely to react and vent about the delay as if you’ve waited for hours. Those of us who patronise bukas would understand better. What tests my patience the most and I’ll assume you too is when you are expecting someone to catch up with you somewhere, maybe your crib, and you keep calling about their location and their response was “I’m on my way.”

I’ve lost count of the number of times where I was in my crib, cleaned up Stamford Bridge, and expect the ‘away team’ to show only to hear “I’m on my way” until the next day. I prefer to hear “I’m on” than “I’m on my way”. That’s why I snicker when I’m with my guys and they call their chics and she tells them “I’m on my way”. One of my guys waited from 12 noon. He called her and she said “I’m on my way, I just left my house.” Two hours later, “I’m on my way, I had to branch to see my aunt.” This continued until my guy slept off and I decided to wake him up few minutes to midnight. I urged him to call her which he did, and he asked her, “Are you still coming?” which made everyone burst into laughter even her.
The question especially to girls is why can’t you just be honest for once and be upfront? Excuses upon excuses, I know they aren’t superwoman that’s why I respect being upfront. A girl once told me, “I’m about to cook then take my bath then I will come and see you after I fix my hair then I have to see my friend to collect something (that ‘something’ never have names), from there I’ll take a bike to see you. Of course I ruled out her coming and I wasn’t even home myself. She called 10 pm to apologise that she wouldn’t be able to make it.

The guys I pity most are those who make ‘preparations’ when a girl says that. One question I’ve noticed they ask is “What are you going to eat?” Not that they intend to cook but to create the impression how much they expected the girl and what would waste if she failed to turn up. All na format, some would even say I was supposed to go out but I stayed behind because of you. A guy took the regular Kasapreko and one Chinese drug. His manhood was as… (You get the idea). After hearing “I’m on my way” in the space of ten hours, he attempted to cajole boys into patronising po-pos. He needed a release because he was extra-prepared. I felt for the guy, then again it might have been a blessing in disguise cause if the girl had come I would have felt for her considering waht awaited her.

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