Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eko 2012: 423 Gold, 422 Silver, and 579 Bronze

Nigeria had her 18th National Sports Festival, an event that most likly had more athletes (8000) than spectators (<8000). I was in University of Lagos a couple of times and witnessed the preparation. The hostels were converted to camp for the athletes and her sport centre hosted few games. I saw some muscular looking females, if I had those packs...hmmm! Anyway, the most interesting part was the final medals table.

423 athletes won Gold, 422 athletes went home with silver, while 579 athletes had bronze. How the f*ck was that even possible? In every competition there should be a first, second, and third place- an equal number of wins for each medal. This sh!t cray. I didn't want to be 'ignant' and did a little fact finding. I realised something similar happen in the olympics. The cumulative gold, silver, and bronze standing wasn't the same. Why? Not all sports had a gold, silver, or bronze winner. At times there was a tie, probably only 2 contestant completed the task, or none at all.

I'm still indoubt the number of games that Delta state could win 288 medals. I understand it was combined with paralympics and traditional sports were added, but what are those games.

The games is over, I'm sure with the millions spent someone became a millionnaire. I hope the guy that designed the mascot isn't one of 'em. That sh!t looks like Dr. Seuss 'Cat in the Hat' wearing a green suit after smoking SK.

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