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Back In... 1987 [Landmark Events]

Back In…1987
Back then there were 21 states in Nigeria. Ibrahim Babangida was the head of state. Oyo witnessed a Yellow Fever epidemic (April/May) Obafemi Awolowo died (May 9). Crisis in Kaduna between involving Christians and Muslims.
On a lighter note, ‘Juju Music’ a documentary about the historic all-night Juju concert in Lagos featuring King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey by Jacques Holender was released. A unique performance documentary, Juju Music features the urban popular tribe music of Nigeria. The film includes a historic all-night Juju concert in Lagos featuring King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey.
World Music…
George Michael released his debut album “Faith” which sold millions of copies. Bruce Willis also released his debut album “The Return of Bruno”, lucky he stuck to acting. Future music stars born in 1987 include Ke$ha (March 1), Bow Wow (March 9), Joss Stone (April 11).
Fatal Attraction (Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, & Anne Archer) was the top grossing movie of the year. Other top movies that year include ‘Three Men and A Baby’, ‘Moonstruck’, Lethal Weapon, & Beverly Hills Cop 2. Michael Douglas was no doubt the biggest Hollywood Star that era. He also picked up the Oscar for best actor for his role in ‘Wall Street’. 1987 was also the birth of a movie that ended up becoming a pop culture phenomenon, ‘Dirty Dancing’.
Smiley faces adorned jeans, T-shirts, caps, badges and everything else! Smiley was borrowed from the psychedelia of the 60s underground music scene. Air soles in the heel of Nike Air trainers contained a revolutionary plastic bubble filled with gas. The trainers became such a fashion accessory that wearers were regularly mugged.
Back in ’87, the order of the day, at least when it came to shoes and bags, was the busier, the brighter—and apparently, the more bedecked in multi-colored buttons—the better. The pink suede pump on the left is Gianfranco Ferré, the other two are Miss Maud, a now defunct line designed by former Nina Ricci and Jean Patou model, Maud Frizon de Marco.
Shifting from the shocking, often layered blue shadows of the early to mid-‘80s, one of the beauty trends toward the latter part of the decade was a bronzer, more terra cotta-toned eye. The fuchsia lip, however, had some real staying power and was represented, page after page, issue after issue, well into the early-‘90s.
Swatch watches were on everyone’s wrists in the ‘80s. Though the Swiss watch line offered neutral, muted timepieces, the true Swatch watch was bright, covered in geometric shapes or cartoonish prints and was a personal statement all the kids could afford to make. One of the few ultra-popular accessories from that period that has maintained its popularity, Swatch still has stores all over the world today and from time to time even re-releases some of its most celebrated models from the ‘80s.
Tommy Hilfiger fashioned himself a “bad, bad boy” back in ’87. Who knew?
Born in different parts of the world but united by a common sport, football. Mikel Obi (April 22), Lionel Messi (June 24), Cesc Fàbregas (May 4), and Samir Nasri (June 26) were born. Only one of them had won the FIFA Player of the Year so far.
Everton won the Premier League. Napoili won the Serie A. Real Madrid won La Liga. Porto won Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final.
One of the pop cultural highlights of 1987 was an advert by Coca-cola, “Tomorrow’s People”
I am the future of the world I am the hope of my nation I am tomorrows people I am the new inspiration And we've got a song to sing to you We've got a message to bring to you Please let there be, for you and for me, a tomorrow (tomorrow) If we all can agree there'll be sweet harmony tomorrow (tomorrow) And we all will be there, Coca-Cola to share Feeling so real and so true Promise us tomorrow And we'll build a better world for you
The most important event of 1987 was on the 16th of December, Adeshina Omotayo Babatunde Lateef was born. Just call me Ade.

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