Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012: Year End What? Why? How?

Year 2012 comes to an end in few hours, what a ride. There was no assurance I would be fortunate to see this day BUT I was blessed. There were people lost along the way, one I cannot forget is Fiyin. The shock still feels like the moment I felt you were gone. It's hard...real hard. I hope someone miss me when I'm gone like I miss you. There were people that walked out of my life and I was comfortable with that, a lot where better off. For few, I don't think I can stand to lose anyone like I miss YOU.

One decision I made at the end of the year [you might call it a resolution] was to avoid being in a committed relationship. Maybe it was because of the fear of losing anyone dear OR because I found myself experience the darker aspect of the female psyche in 2012. I'm sailing the sea where 'trust' was a luxury.

Do I have any regrets? Sure. One was definitely to have treated Fiyin better. Another was collecting the ₦ from Modupe (you don't have to understand)...because I feel I owe her and I hate being in debt. I also regret not furthering my education. I would have loved to start my MA programme this year, BUT people can be perfectly unreliable.

I have to recognise the presence of Smoke, Omochif, Prince J, and Charles in my life this year. If you had a brain like mine you need people around who could make sense of it.

2013 should be a great year. A new frame of mind, job, self-awareness... I think that's all. Let the others overwhelm me with surprises.

What? Why? How? about entering 2013 are unwritten as I do not intend to carry the baggage of this year to a new one.

God bless everyone that followed me on this journey. Let's do this again 2013.
Goodnight everybody [in Miley Cyrus voice].

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