Sunday, September 9, 2012

If You Don't Want to F*ck Me, Please F*ck Off

I know the title might be offensive to some, that's why I included "please".

The thing is, I've noticed my female friends were stronger cock blockers than male friends. I remember back in school, there were certain guys I avoided letting them know about girls I was interested in dating. I would ignorantly provide info about the babe while they responded with opinions, detailing the best way for me to get the chic. I would think they had my interest, you know, "F*ck her for me" moment. One of such guys ended up fucking the chic I told him about. He made it appear it wasn't his fault, like it just happened. But the truth was he exploited the profiling I had provided to create a persona to suit her desired man.

I made a rule, no guy knows about a chic I was on to, girlfriend or not until after I fucked her. If you f*ck her after, I would blame her for fucking my friend. If not, she would claim since we didn't have sex there was nothing serious between us. A girl said that once and my response was "bullshit". She said we should allow sex define the relationship and later disregarded what we had as one because we didn't f*ck.

I mentioned females were the stronger cock blockers. If a guy did such it was understandable, all guys would f*ck anything even relatives if norms permitted. But why should a female do the same. I have females friends who clearly made their intention known and clear that they were not interested in dating me. Yet, these set of females are fond of cock blocking.

There was this particular chic who made habit of coming over when I had a match. I mean, you no wan f*ck but why f*ck up my runs. She made up an excuse once her roommate locked her outside and had no where to go. Why my place? She would chill with us in my room and I usually end the day with dry balls.

Such happened to a friend of mine, he would visit his girlfriend in the one room she shared with her friend. She was a very stubborn girl who refused to excuse them to nack. It got to an extent they decided to f*ck with her present in the room. She stormed out halfway...too bad.

But why? A girl went to the level of telling her friend, I was toasting, to distance herself from me. Yet, she ignored the warning she gave her friend and came over to my place anyhow, like we were dating. We weren't even fucking.

Some take a milder, yet effective approach. Girls be asking about my girlfriend, with keen interest in who I was dating. In the end, they hardly have something positive to say about the girl who agreed to date me. One implied I could do better.

I've noticed female cock blockers were single or in a horrible relationship. They just want to spread the hate. Female cock blockers should just park well. If you won't f*ck me, please f*ck off.

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