Saturday, September 22, 2012

Embrace Your Stereotype OR Embrace Insults

My favourite line from the movie 21 Jump Street was "embrace your stereotype". We are all predisposed to certain generalizations based on how we are [subjectively] grouped: either by race or how we look. The categories people use to group us was more than the two and varies depending on the individual. Some perceive stereotyping as negative, for example, why should you assume an individual smokes marijuana all because he was Jamaican.

I am of the opinion of embracing [not accepting] our stereotype. So what if someone expect you to act/talk certain way because of where you are from, it should only become an issue if you take the road of self-fulfilling prophecy.
I've noticed a lot of jokes and insults were based on stereotype. For instance, you could diss a black man of acting like a monkey. If you phrase the statement in a funny tone it could be perceived as a joke, in another context it might be regarded as an insult. If the black man involved embrace such stereotype, I don't see any of the statements getting to him. He would be most likely not cool with it but not to the extent of getting physical and blowing the issue to a wider proportion.

The same goes for fat people, it was best to embrace stereotypes of people their size otherwise a lot of things people say would get to them.

Personally, I joke a lot using stereotypes. It might be insensitive…ok, it is insensitive BUT it wasn't out of hatred. I remember a guy with an amputated arm back in school. One day, the guy was getting on my nerves, I looked at him, smiled, and said one word, "clap". That wiped the smile off his face. If he was cool with his one arm, I sure he would have had a wonderful comeback line to make me look stupid.
The same goes for gays and lesbians. Not every joke about your sexuality should be interpreted as an attack on your sexuality, it does not make the speaker homophobic. I mean, you don't have to sue everyone that calls you faggot, after all you want to be seen as normal…welcome to the club. Just the way rappers conveniently call women bitches, you have to get use to it. Everyone knows gays suck cock so why feel offended when called a cocksucker. You do not see a straight guy getting angry for being described as fucking/eating pussy.

Ashley Cole once said his former manager, Jose Mourinho, told him after a match he played like Mickey Mouse. That simile made no sense, I don't have an idea how Mickey Mouse play football. I am certain if he had said he played like a monkey it would have been seen as a racist comment, because Ashley Cole was black, despite that simile also made no sense. Unless you know how monkeys play football. People should just embrace their stereotypes- celebrities, footballers…everyone should just take a chill pill. Embrace your stereotype or embrace insults.

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