Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call Me Homophobic but F*ck This Gay

You know what, I consider myself as a liberal individual but that doesn't mean I should be fed bullshit and believe it was cake. I have no problem with gays, I don't give a f*ck how they f*ck. One thing I do know is it cannot be as sweet as sexing a chic. I learnt early in life if I had to force myself to enjoy something then it doesn't worth it.

Anyway, I realised there are two gay guys in my neighbourhood. I had no issue with entry at my exit so I don't give a damn. Lately, one of the guys had taken the expression of his sexuality to another level. He needs to get gay laid and had been hitting on guys in the area. The problem was these guys that he was after were kids, like below 16.

The guy was systematic with his approach. He would start by acting all friendly, asking these kids how their day was. Days after he request to be their friend till he eventually ask them over. A boy that made it into his room had a story to tell. He requested to see the colour of his underwear...that was when the boy signalled something was wrong. This gay went ahead to pick up a metal rod to threaten him, trust Nigerians (regardless the age). The boy raaaaaaan, like 82km/hr on a 50km/hr type of speed.

I understand trying to f*ck someone of the same sex but is it also imbedded in their DNA to f*ck underaged. If I should attempt to get down on an underaged...I won't even try it because it isn't right.
The gist is some guys want to beat him up...might be fun to watch a gay guy get fucked up than f*ck.

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