Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7-Month Ultimatum

I have three questions...

How much must you know about a person before you agree to date 'em?

How much of who they are is required to be acceptable before you agree to be engaged to 'em?

Last question, how long is too long to remain engaged to a person without a concrete plan to walk down the aisle?

You see, marriage is a very important goal (to most people, especially females). If I were to reconstruct Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, "Marriage" would be the 3rd stage.

Growing up females believe marriage should come easy. All they need is to see is Wedding Potential in the guy. Love is no longer a requirement. Nowadays marriage is independent of true love- they are separate entities. Women will be like, "even if I don't love my husband I'll love my kids". Still, a lot of single girls are out there.

I overheard a conversation between a woman and her boyfriend of 6 years. The statement that caught my attention was, "You are too relaxed...I give you 7 months to pay my bride price and set our wedding date. I can't keep waiting for you".
The woman gave her boyfriend ultimatum. Is that necessary? Because that only shows the level of desperation. The question I asked was, "If after 6 years your boyfriend isn't ready to commit on that level, what makes you think 7 months will make the difference? Even if he goes along with your plan, what makes you sure it was his will and not threat?"

Her response showed she didn't care as long as they marry. Sadly, a whole lot of girls have this mentality. A mentality of end justify the means when marriage was concerned- you could steal your bestfriend's boyfriend if he would marry you.

With keen interest, I'll see if this woman will be married by December.

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  1. "even if I don't love my husband I'll love my kids"
    Who says this?!?!?!?!?!? Cuz there would have to be some serious love for the hubby for me to even entertain the idea of carrying a pregnancy/raising kids.

    I would say ultimatums never work...but i'm sure in some very rare cases they can serve as a wake-up call.