Monday, May 13, 2013

Past, Me, & Things I Can't Change

I met someone. The way she makes me feel is like a kid with a new toy- pure excitement. For instance, I think about her and I know, with such feeling the sincerity in my voice should be projected. The feeling overwhelm me to the point of being certain If it were a movie, we would fall madly in love. But this isn't reel life... this is real life.

It's strange because who she is contradict what I believe was my type. My type, is a girl like...(probably someone I had described in a previous post). She does posses important qualities though- someone I can talk to for hours. Anyway...

There are issues she raised. Issues from my past and things I can/can't change. She described one of them as a "veil" covering her eye, so she can't "see me". Hmmm...

What if I change, isn't that conditioning? Is that a test to prove I like her? Why should I prove anything?

I told her to accept first. That's how I believe relationships should be built, just like a house. Do you know you can build your desired building on any soil once you accept each soil is different and treat it as such? What vary is the type of foundation to make the building stand solid. So maybe my past and who I am don't make the "perfect soil" but that doesn't mean we can't have the perfect foundation.

What do you think?V
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