Sunday, August 5, 2012

When You Play YOUR Cards Right

One of my favorite songs was by Ebenezer Obey. The line that got my attention on my first listen was, "aimoasiko lo damu eda". Loosely meaning, the inability of humans to know when she/he was going to get something made us worry. The "something" in this context could be anything our heart desired. Christians have a saying "God's time is the best" to help them cope during the waiting period. But saying it alone does little to ease the uncertainty of getting what we wanted. In other words, the wait might be in vain. We began to use past experiences and future expectations to calculate the probability of getting our wishes. Few face reality after such rationalization, others either go for wishful thinking or denial (which ever made them comfortable). I believe, no matter what you wanted, if you play your cards right you deserved.


I know life is not fair, the good don't always get what they deserved and the ones you love don't always love you back. But if you sow the right seed in the soil meant for you, with a little patience, you'll get what you deserved. The problem with most people was that they become choosy when it came to where to sow their seeds, overlooking the one meant for them. Take for instance the dream of most single ladies, Marriage. I've realised that a significant number of single females/males know at least someone out there they could make something work out if they wanted to. The decision was totally up to them but they leave 'em by the side and decide to sow the seed of marriage in a more beautiful flowerpot. Ignorant of the fact that a plant grows the same irrespective of the beauty of the flowerpot. They keep complaining there was no spouse overlooking someone. My point is life guarantees "basic amenities" and that is the idea behind the saying "the best things in life are free". If you wanted a husband life would give you one BUT life can't promise you a husband with dashing good looks, a condo, and a Ferrari. If you wanted the later, that what life had to offer wasn't good enough for you, then you had to be on the waiting list. Life makes it easy to smile (you could even smile now) but if your smile depended on a Range Rover, then life puts you on a waiting list. That is when impatience comes in and the individual might have to go out of their way.

When you play your cards right you will get what you deserved. Don't expect to play an Ace when all you got is 5 spade. If not, you go tey.

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