Friday, June 20, 2014


I understand certain religions identified pre-marital sex as a sin. However, I do not identify is as evil. Evil in this context is the intention to cause harm to another party, also, the harm done can be regarded as evil. I do not label two consenting adults who engage in premarital sex as evil because I cannot identify any harm done.

What I do understand is whatever is [not] permitted sexually between unmarried couples also goes for married couples. Three of them will be mentioned.

First, If you are in a relationship with someone, married/unmarried, you cannot sleep around and expect your partner to pat you in the back- it is called cheating.

Second, the consequence and responsibilities are equal as far as sex is concerned. If the female gets pregnant, the marriage status is not an excuse to avoid responsibility. If the "man" was naturally irresponsible it will be evident regardless. Also, the spread of STDs and STIs is not exclusive to unmarried or married couples. Married couples are even worst hit because you cannot negotiate condom use in your matrimonial bed.

Third, if the girlfriend or wife was not interested in having sex and the "man" decide to force his way- that is rape. Wedding ring is not immunity to that crime.

So why is premarital sex preached to youths as if the end of it will ultimately make the world a better place [maybe].

I do understand every sin has its orgin, what is the origin of fornication that made it a sin?

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