Sunday, February 2, 2014

Working for the Wo/Man

Nothing beats being your own boss- to be independent- and calling the shots. I believe a significant percent of the population strive for that regardless if they got a BSc. certificate or the only certificate that had was issued at birth. It was part of including our finances, work terms and conditions within our circle of influence. Well, before a lot of people get independent we have to kiss someone's ass.

So what's my experience like working for the man? Is there any point to emphasize how much it sucks because we know that isn't new. So I'll share an experience, you won't be far from the truth if referred to it as a typical day.

It was a Friday and the event that changed the course of that day occurred at 5:45pm. Can you believe that shit? Fifteen minutes before I walked out of that building and…TGIF. Shit!
Earlier in the day, that should be about 10am. A manager gave an instruction to a colleague, N330million will be transferred from a customer's account, but she had to get the required approval to make such transaction.
Hours later, she had the required approval. It was communicated to her via mail. She forwarded the mail to the colleague with me in copy to proceed with the transfer. By that time, I was the only one on the platform so I'll assume the colleague did not see the mail, right? About 30 minutes later the manager sent another email but this time it was directed at me to treat the transaction.

All I had to do was to populate an excel template and forward it to the appropriate department to treat…and I did. At 5:35pm, I received an email from the manager. It read she would come over to pick up evidence the transaction had been treated. Apparently, she had a meeting scheduled with the customer at 6:00pm. The customer was a typical high net worth individual- proud and believed could get anyone sacked by a text to the Managing Director. Sadly, it was true. He complained of service failure earlier that week and my unit head got a query to respond to. Everyone was on their toes to give him all in wanted that week.

I was about to print out the customer's account statement when the manager walked in. She stood beside and as I was about to press "Print" she asked, "Why is Thirty Million still in the account?"
I was lost. Apparently, N300million was transferred instead of N330million. Another service failure. That was how the rain of insults started. The name calling wasn't new but that did not make it acceptable. "Idiot" "irresponsible" "useless" and the usual "It seems you don't like your job" plus "a query to justify blah blah blah…and would go on suspension". She said a whole lot that meant I should kiss the job goodbye not to mention promotion. She emphasised it was a simple task…type N330million.

I sat there. I wasn't moved by the insults but confused how I made such mistake. I clicked on my sent items and opened the mail I sent for that transaction, it was N330million. Colleagues on the platform gathered behind me and confirmed it was N330million. The manager did not believe. I told her I copied the entire team in the mail. She decided to confirm from the inbox of a colleague I copied in the mail when I sent it in the afternoon. He opened it- it was N330million I requested transferred.

Maybe it is pride, guild, or bullshit, this manager showed no sign of remorse. Instead, the insult questioned how I did not notice it. Like that made any sense. She spent about 7 seconds and walked out of the building, no apology.
After all the insults labelled to my name in the presence of colleagues who decided to keep shut during the drama, one of 'em opened his mouth and said "get it sorted". I checked the bridge of his nose if there was trace of coke. If I had a low self-esteem I would probably take the rest of what was left over the Third Mainland Bridge and this guy talked about work.
What did I do? I picked up my phone and went home. The bullshit was more than enough for that day.
I think it's time to move on and do what I do best with most ease, write. Yea, the pay where I work is good but it doesn't compensate for the shit I go through. I asked myself, what if I had typed N300million, will that justify degrading a fellow human? The situation was also one that can be resolved but her reaction blew it out of proportion. It made one thing obvious, my job description, to 'em it was "a scapegoat". Everyone was under so much pressure and it was safer for them to pass it down to me. That way, if things go wrong I was to be blamed. I get blamed for issues that had nothing to do with me. That made it obvious no one got my back and it a financial environment, you don't want to be in such situation.
With Almighty God on my side, I am working towards my last day. It is time to move on from working for the Man.


  1. awwwww eeya pele. We all have crap we're dealing with working for people. Are you ready to take the leap ?

  2. I have been religiously reading your blog for upwards of 2years now whenever i can find the time. But i dont comment. I feel compelled to comment on this one tho'

    And all i have to say is. HaNG IN THERE BRO.

  3. :) I think I like you. You'll be fine. PRAY HARD and follow your dreams.