Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teenage Pregnancy

"I'm sure she'll make a wonderful mum
and will teach her children discipline like I have."

The statement above appears to have been said by a responsible individual, maybe because the word "discipline" was used. It was made by a mother during an interview with Sun Newspaper (UK) who was nothing short of excited her daughter was pregnant...and the same "discipline" she instilled on her daughter would be passed on. Call me an African but a lot about this mother and daughter is against several norms. First of all, this daughter wasn't married and was being taken care of by her jobless mom. Second, she was impregnated by her 17 years old boyfriend who the mother claimed loved her so much. Lastly, she was 15. Then again, if this was normal in the UK it wouldn't make the news and let me tell you, it happens everywhere.

Despite my liberal views I believe we should be conservative about certain issues, like pregnancy, especially if the individuals involved are not both mentally and financially capable of taking care of the child. Getting pregnant is becoming a trend. A relative of mine got pregnant while in Junior Secondary. She was young and had a small stature and that obviously didn't turn a testosterone filled guy away. My primary school crush crushed the feelings I had when she got pregnant in secondary school. Her level of intellect is now so low I was chatting with her on facebook and thought it was her 5-year-old daughter.

I know a pregnant teenage daughter put the parents in a very tight situation. They sometimes get divided in their stance. It is difficult, I know, but I don't believe their should be any division in loving the child and providing a support. I have witnessed situations where the girl is either kicked out of the house[like my primary school crush] or taken to the village and isolated.

I don't believe teenage pregnant girls were promiscuous because promiscuous girls rarely get pregnant. They have the "how not to get pregnant" in their genes.
I don't have any statistics except observation to back this up. Even in the University, the girls labelled as "promiscuous" didn't get pregnant it was apparently those that preached to them. I also have this belief, most pregnant teenagers deliver that a way nature wants them to atone for what happened to them?

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  1. So I guess we all know the solution to this.... and its not abortion!