Sunday, August 14, 2011

Never Say "Never Say Never"

I watched an ESPN special on Matt Hoffman, a pro BMX rider, who no doubt accomplished a lot in the sport but what moved me was a target he was determined to accomplish- riding his bike up a ramp and jump 30ft high. He failed several times hurting himself as he crash landed. After a failed attempt he ended up in the hospital...comatose. Matt recovered and never attempted it again...He got over the obsession and as he walked off that ramp I saw he had achieved a feat way higher- the power to know when to stop and walk away.

It is contradictory because we learn not to give up on goals until we accomplish them. But these goals end up being an obsession which we get frustrated as we attempt to accomplish, hurting ourselves in the process. Most times we forget we were the ones that set those goals and can as well change them. True, great men have made impact in this world by their dedication and determination in achieving goals...good, it worked for them. I have to clarify my point, I am not advising anyone to give up on goals after failed attempts, but don't posses the never say never mentality. Don't be consumed by the hunger of getting what you desire and never get fulfilled. Never say "Never Say Never".

This is the point where I give a life experience to buttress my point but I leave it up to you to think about one in your life. There was likely a goal you are yet to fulfil despite all your effort and I want you to evaluate the goal and ask yourself, "is it time to change it?"

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