Monday, August 15, 2011

Lasting Impression: Letter of Apology

One Facebook feature I like is the Notifications, especially of birthdays. For someone like me that was bad with numbers and dates it always comes in useful as a wonderful reminder. I woke up today and as usual I had someone on my friend's list celebrating her birthday today. This was someone I hadn't seen in a loooooong time, probably a decade but I have a lasting memory of her I could never shake off. I even told myself I was going to remind her whenever we met. Even if it was her wedding, I would because it was damn hilarious.

I was in junior class then in secondary school, venue: music room, teacher: Mrs. Bassey. It was one of those practical classes where we each played the flute. I was tone deaf [then] and what I did was to avoid blowing but keep moving my fingers. I totally avoided playing the wrong note because the teacher was an hyperactive woman who was more than capable to disgrace any student. While students kept blowing air with their mouth, someone blew air through the anus. The smell was ghastly...rotten fish/egg...rotten everything. Mrs. Bassey must have considered it an act of terrorism. "Who did that?" She screamed. Everyone remained mute for two reasons. One, no one could say who it was and two, we had to hold our breath to avoid inhaling the deadly substance. That was the end of the class and she threatened to stop teaching us until the culprit revealed himself/herself.

I got to the classroom with my peers confused and scared. We might face the wrath of Mrs. Bassey. I noticed a clique of girls by the side who isolated themselves any spoke in low voices. After that, they disappeared into the music room. In high schools, the only way two people can keep a secret was if the two were dead. It was revealed...the girl that farted had written a letter of apology to Mrs. Bassey. I laughed hard at the girl. From that day on, anytime I saw her or hear her name...I think of her letter of apology for farting or should I say indecent release of harmful body gas. Wish I could write her name here but would probably refer to it when I wish her a happy birthday on her wall.

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