Monday, December 20, 2010

Ade Soundtrack of [2010]

2010 wasn’t a spectacular year in music. For one most of the songs that made impact in my life or were soundtracks to my experiences were either released last year or by artistes that continued their run from the previous year. The songs listed below are not the best songs or albums I’ve heard but they made 2010 easier to be especially during my [Any] episode. No doubt 2010 was an emotionally charged year for me, loving and hating the same person. I hope my choices were also the soundtrack of your year at one point or the other and if you haven’t heard any of the songs then try to, and if you can’t get ‘em, contact me I’ll lace you up. The thing is there are lots of them so this is how it’s going to be, imagine you are at an awards show and I’m going to be presenting the most impressive song of each category.

Most Impressive Pop Song: ‘Whataya want from me’ by Adam Lambert. This song was written by P!nk and produced by Max Martin and Lambert nailed the vocals. This was one song that ‘played’ well during my break-up stage. I found myself asking her that question several times.

Most Impressive Producer: Dr. Luke. I’ve to put all sentiments aside on this one, I hated most of his work this year because the production sounded similar, and he became too monotonous. ‘California Gurls’, ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘Tik Tok’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Your Love is my Drug’, became annoying if you play them back-to-back. He no doubt enjoyed this year and I’m expecting something original on Britney Spears next album.

Most Impressive Pop album: ‘La Roux’ by La Roux. ‘La Roux’ wasn’t released in 2010 but I appreciated it in 2010. Elle Jackson has the most emotional voice I’ve heard and the album has songs that dealt with different aspects of a relationship. From ‘Bulletproof’, ‘In for the Kill’, to ‘Cover my eyes’ these songs are on point and feel free to scream as you sing along.

Most impressive R&B album: ‘Element of Freedom’ by Alicia Keys is no doubt my favourite Keys album. One track that stood out for me was ‘Love is my Disease’ and it helped during those days. I was disappointed that out of her seven submissions for possible Grammy nominations for the 53rd edition, she had none.

Most Impressive Hip-Hop album: ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ by B.o.B. Fact #1, B.o.B is in no way one of my 20 all time favourite rappers. Fact #2, Not one of all the artists featured would be included in my top 10 favourite anything. Fact #3, None of the songs would make my top 1000 songs. Still, the album was enough to be the most impressive hip-hop album I heard in 2010. I will select ‘Kids’ as one track that stood out.

Most Impressive collaboration: ‘Deuces’ by Chris Brown, Kevin McCal, and Tyga. Definitely the most matured song from Chris Brown and you don’t have to like him or hate him for transforming Rihanna. One of the few songs that had rappers sticking to the title of the song instead of bragging. “And all that attitude I don’t care about it but all the shit I do for her, you gonna hear about it”.

Most Impressive Rock album: ‘Approaching Normal’ by Blue October. Since I got this album last year I’ve never stopped playing it. There is a track for every situation you are in life and every emotion you can ever feel. This is no doubt one of my all-time favourite albums and it has helped me a lot to focus on a better tomorrow. I can’t even count how many of my write-ups that have lyrics from Blue October. Can’t wait for what they have next.

Most Impressive British song: ‘Pass Out’ by Tinie Temper. One spectacular aspect of this song is the instrumental, it had a bit of every genre and a beautiful reggae to rock climax. When you’ve got wonderful earphones you might actually put this track on repeat and keep acting up till you pass out.

Most Impressive Nigerian song: ‘Oleku’ by Ice Prince. What’s so special about the song? The rap was not that spectacular, the production was 100 percent digital, and the chorus- most people don’t know the meaning. Yet it defined Nigerian music in 2010. Expecting another ‘Oleku’ from Ice Prince, Brymo, or Jesse Jagz is long thing.

Most disappointing comeback: Toni Braxton ‘Pulse’. I was expecting her 2010 release to be the comeback in a genre where it has become so dependent on hip-hop. Once upon a time Toni Braxton was untouchable. The most disappointing aspect for me was the alternate album sounded better that the original compilation. The fact is Braxton has had in difficult in her career from labels to critics. I won’t deny the fact I liked few of the songs on the album especially ‘Hands tied’

Most annoying Song: ‘DJ got us falling in Love’ by Usher. I like Usher and that’s why I hate the song. It sounded like a song he stole from Justin Beiber, childish. O.M.G was partly acceptable because he was desperate for a hit although the lyrics also sounded like Justin’s. A grown ass man jumping around just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Artiste to watch in 2011: Lady Gaga. “I’m beautiful in my way ‘cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, I was Born This Way”. ‘Born this Way’ would be the name of her 2011 release and I have no doubt that would be the album that would define next year. When out of you seven previous singles, none didn’t fail to reach number one in America. Mother Monster keep it coming.

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