Sunday, November 24, 2013

Girls Biggest and Most Common Lie

It is safe to say EVERYONE lie, "everyone" in this context refers to a significant number of the world's population. If a man says he doesn't lie, I believe most of us will interpret that as a lie. Reasons people lie? I have a piece on that already. This piece is about the biggest and most common lie by females. Guys hear it all the time because females tell 'em.
The first time I heard it I believed it. You know, it made me feel "special" like she really liked me. That was with Girl A. She came around to hang out, but some how our innocent conversation climaxed with sex.
Months later, something similar happened with Girl B and she said the same thing. Girl C to > Girl Z later, they all said the same thing. Was it included in the genetic make-up of girls to use those words.

In case you don't know what the lie is (which I doubt), it's "I don't usually do this". Yes, that is the highest and most common lie females tell.

I lost count of how many times a girl say "I don't usually do this", and it's ironic because they say it after they had done it and soooo well for that matter. A girl once gave me an orgasmic blow job, one worthy of awarding her a doctorate degree. She messed it up with those words and included "that's my first time of doing that".

Like seriously? So she slept, woke, and the gift of deepthroat was bestowed upon her.

Maybe I should give benefit of doubt. In all honesty, I usually don't do that.
It wasn't all about sex though, money also make 'em utter that lie. I met a girl as usual, she looked aiit and exchanged numbers. In few days time she opened up she needed money. She added, "I'm shy because I usually don't ask guys I hardly know for money". Seriously, isn't that stupid.

My word to girls, please take time out to delete that from your vocabulary because it's annoying and insulting to commonsense.

Maybe they were honest, they usually don't do it, they ALWAYS do it.

Warm regards

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